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Use category: Herbicide

Content&formultion: 93%Tech,40%EC,25%WP,12.5%SC,10%SC

Port: ShangHai

Minimum Order Quantitiy: 1000KGS

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

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  • Chemistry Identity
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Structure Formula: 
Common Name:   Bispyribac-Sodium 
Sodium 2,6-bis(4,6-dimethoxypyrimidin-2-yloxy)benzoate
Molecular Formula: C19H17N4NaO8
Agrochemical Type:  Herbicide
Mode of Action: Selective, systemic post-emergence herbicide, absorbed by foliage and roots.

Specification for  Bispyribac-Sodium  93% Tech
Appearance White loose powder, free from visible extraneous matter
Content of a.i. ≥93 %
Loss on drying ≤1.5%
Triethanolamine insolubles ≤0.5%
Free phenol(as 2,4-dichlorophenol) ≤0.3%
Specification for  Bispyribac-Sodium  40% EC
Appearance Brown transparent liquid free from visible extraneous material.
Content of a.i. ≥40%
Free phenol ≤0.3%
pH 7.0~9.0
Persistent foam(1 min) ≤60ml;
Solution stability(as 5% aqueous solution) No color change;
Sediment maxium: trace;
Solid particles: pass throug 45μm sieve.
  The volume of solid and/or liquid which separates shall not be more than 0.3 ml.
Stability at 0℃
        Control of grasses, sedges and broad-leaved weeds, especially Echinochloa spp., in direct-seeded rice, at rates of 15-45 g/ha. Also used to stunt growth of weeds in non-crop situations.