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Industry News

Pesticide Raw Material Price Rebound Slightly. 2013.10
  Raw material price diversified in July, most of them declined slightly, while benzene continued to go up.

Average mill price of yellow phosphorus remained 11,500 Yuan per ton, down 9.9% over last month and 51.3% over last year. Liquid chlorine price was 1,130 Yuan per ton, down 2.3% over last month, while down about 33.5% over last year. Sulfur price was 580 Yuan per ton, down 7.9% over last month, while down about 89.3% over last year.

On the other hand, average pure Benzene price was 5,880 Yuan, up 11.4% over June. Toluene was 6,010 Yuan, up 2.6% over June. Xylene was 7,270 Yuan, up 1.4% over last month. Aniline price was 8,900 Yuan per ton, up 3.2% over last month. While average Methanol price was 1,904 Yuan, down 1.0% over lat month, and 47.8% over last year.

Seeing from material production situation, we could see that most raw materials will see an output decline, except for a few varieties. As a result of this, material supply will be a bit tight, while material prices will go up.